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  • AdvantageRx Oral Care Kit
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AdvantageRx Oral Care Kit

Our Price : $56.00 - $899.00  $66.00 - $1,320.00

AdvantageRx Oral Care Kit provides dental professionals with the ability to simplify the preventive care follow up for their at risk patients. The kit utilizes easy to follow instructions to combine brushing with an increased fluoride dentifrice, antimicrobial rinsing, use of fluoride coated floss, and regular tongue debridement. These home care steps seek to improve the overall oral health of patients that may benefit from both better hygiene habits and professionally recommended oral care products. The AdvantageRX kit is especially recommended for DSRP patients.

The Advantage Rx Kit Contains:

(1) GingiMed Mint Oral Care Rinse

(1) NeutraMaxx 5000 Plus Turbo Toothpaste

(1) Chlora Floss medicated floss

(1) Tongue Sweeper

(2) Adantage Toothbrushes

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Item # Quantity Price Current Inventory Quantity
MD-1710-1 Each $65.99
MD-1710-10 10/ pk $659.99
MD-1710- 20 20/ pk $1319.80

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