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Endo Cube Auto Reverse Set with Metal Handpiece

by Medidenta
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  • $650.00 $799.00

The Endo Cube will make all your RCT's easier by providing fully customizable speed and torque settings at your finger tips along with auto stop / reverse functions for added safety. It is compatible with all major NiTi files on the market and it can store up to 9 presets to accomodate different settings. The Endo Cube is compact and lightweight for complete portability from operatory to operatory, or office to office. It can be plugged directly into an outlet or run safely on a battery for up to 5 hours.

The Endo Cube comes equipped with a 16:1 contra angle and foot pedal at no extra cost.

• Auto reverse function upon overload sensor detection
• Torque control from 0.6 to 5.2 N.cm
• Speed range from 125 rpm - 13,000 rpm
• 9 programmable preset memorizing
• 16:1 reduction contra angle
• Foot control On/Off Switch
• Up to 5-hour battery life backup and electrically powered
• Compact designed controller including various functions
• Constant torque settings for safe control
• Operation available with battery or adapter

Item # Product Price Quantity
ENDOCUBE Endo Cube Auto Reverse Set with Metal Handpiece
  • $650.00
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