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  • seT Permanent Cement
  • Sold By: DC Dental
  • Ships from: Maryland

seT Permanent Cement

2/ pk, 7g syringes or 50/ pk capsules

Our Price : $141.00 - $259.00  $157.00 - $288.00

seT is a self etching, self adhesive, resin cement, designed for final cementation of metal, resin, all ceramic and ceramic based restoratives. seT chemically bonds to tooth structure and all types of core material. seT is available in capsules and a paste/paste automix syringe system (seT PP).

Fast and easy

seT is an all in one luting cement. It etches, bonds and fills with just the one component. Simply apply seT and seat your restoration. seT produces a low film thickness and fluidity to seat cemented restorations.

High fluoride release

seT’s free movement of fluoride provides benefits to the tooth. Fluoride plays several significant roles in any caries – prevention program. These include the formation of fluorapatite, which is more acid resistant than hydroxyapatite. Fluorapatite is harder than other tooth minerals. It helps to provide protection from tooth decay.


  • Cementation of metal, resin, all ceramic and ceramic based inlays, onlays, bridges and crowns.
  • Cementation pins, posts and screws

seT capsules assorted kit includes: 10 each of A1, A2, OA3, white opaque & translucent seT capsules

seT PP assorted automix syringe kit inlcudes: 1 each of A1, A2, OA3, white opaque and translucent, 7g seT PP automix syringes, 70 automix syringe mixing tips

Syringe refills include: 2 seT PP 7g automix syringes & 28 automix syringe mixing tips

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Item # Type Shade Count Price Quantity
836-8805001 Capsules A1 50 $288.19
836-8805002 Capsules A2 50 $288.19
836-8805003 Capsules OA3 50 $288.19
836-8805004 Capsules White Opaque 50 $288.19
836-8805005 Capsules Translucent 50 $288.19
836-8805101 7g Syringe A1 2/ pk $157.20
836-8805102 7g Syringe A2 2/ pk $157.20
836-8805103 7g Syringe AO3 2/ pk $157.20
836-8805104 7g Syringe White Opaque 2/ pk $157.20
836-8805105 7g Syringe Translucent 2/ pk $157.20
836-8810000 Assorted Capsules Kit Assorted 50 $288.19
836-8810002 Automix Syringe Kit Assorted 5 /pk $275.08

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  • Opened computer hardware and software
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  • Controlled substances
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  • Expired or short dated products
  • Items that cannot be returned to the manufacturer
  • Any items marked “Special Order”
  • Local anesthetics

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